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Applying for Self-Employment
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Application to cancel VAT Registration
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Statutory Sick Pay
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One of the biggest issues facing SME's at the present time is access to finance, or lack of it.

We have produced a short video entitled 'How To Get The Bank Onside' which we hope you will find interesting...

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Keeping records for business - what you need to know: a basic guide with a helpful list of where to get more information.

A general guide to keeping records for your tax return: detailed guidance on record-keeping covering what type of records you may have to keep, common problems and examples for different types of business.

Set up a basic record-keeping system: with examples of spreadsheets and information about setting up a record-keeping system.

Find out what records you should be keeping: looks at the records you need to keep and assesses how well you are keeping them. If you are thinking of starting business the tool provides you with a checklist. If you are established it will give feedback and advice on improvements you may need to make.

Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return

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